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Electricity Sources




Because the Generators are scattered all over the country, the power must be transported over long distances under certain conditions; that is why we have the Transmission system.

We have a number of control centers to make the power transmission seamless and orderly, with the national control center located at Osogbo.


We operate a radial grid system,that makes it possible for the control center to move electricity from one location to the other.

As I'm writing this, the total installed capacity of our transmission network is 6,000 Megawatt.

Okay meaning of Megawatts. ...later we shall get to that!


By d way, our installed Generation capacity is over 12,000,000 Megawatts & we are today generating below 3,000 from last week's peak of 3,700MW.





This is the link that takes electricity directly to the consumers after receiving from the transmission stations for different areas/locations.


The transmission network is on 330KV and 132KV. In some cases, it can be 33KV.

The distribution is then done at 33KV & 11KV.

Customers are then fed with 415V or 240V.


We shall soon get to explain all the terms referenced above. We shall then concentrate most of this discuss on Distribution, which is the area that affects all of us more closely.


In November 2014, the government sold the Distribution assets in Nigeria to 11 companies, now called DISCOS.

Kwara is now owned by IBEDC.

9/21/16, 3:46 PM - ‪+234 803 689 7971‬: <Media omitted>


Transformer: Before we start breaking down the terminologies let's address this pervasive component of our national electricity Grid/Network.


As the name suggests, Transformer is used to change the state of electricity from one form to another. For example, the transformers you see around are used to step down voltages from 11,000v or 33,000v to 415v or 240v for our various applications.




Generators generate at 'low' voltages, so to transmit them at long distances they have to be STEPPED UP to higher voltages like 330,000v or 132,000v, with appropriate Transformers.

So it is possible to have a step up and also step down transformers. Actually most of the transformers in generation stations are step up, while transmission networks have both.

Most of the transformers in distribution network are step down.


So, from today learn that Transformers are not necessarily step down.




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