EMS - AC or DC?

DC versus AC


3 reasons are responsible, but we shall only deal with 2, because d 3rd is less significant in our case; Differences in Voltage & Current.


With supply voltage at 240v & Battery at 12/24v you are going to force current to d battery at such high pressure that would lead to an explosion!


The second & possibly most important reason is that the two currents, from socket at 240V AC & Battery at 12V DC are providing & receiving Current with different methods.


When explaining the meaning of Electric current I compared it to rate of movement of water in a pipe. In the case of AC electrons move in a conductor by going up to the highest & dropping to d lowest. That is why we call it AC for Alternating Current" of electrons".


All our transmissions in Nigeria is done with AC for a lot of reasonable technical reasons.

All house installations in Nigeria are also supplied with 240V AC.


Next time we shall talk about DC.



© Tunde Y. Salihu, 2016




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