Cable Choice 2

 We now know that cables and wires are mostly made with copper and aluminum materials. In this section, we shall focus on copper wires, the most widely used in house wiring, know some types of wires and examine the reasons for selections of those wires in house wiring. Most of the guidelines given below are for general applications as a guide; the qualified Electrical Engineer/Technicians must be consulted when big electrical installation work is to be carried out.


Choice of Cable

As explained in earlier editions of this series, electricity occurs as a result of electrons flowing in a particular direction. Electrons can however not travel through all mediums. Some media or materials permit the movement of electrons and so they are called Conductors, while some materials do not allow the free movement of electrons and so they are called Insulators. Examples of conductors are basically all metals and human beings, while examples of insulators are dry wood, bricks, ceramics, glasses, plastics and so on.

EMS 4 - Problems with our Electrical Power System 7: Some Ideas on way out

Some Solutions


Have you ever wondered why IBOM power plant, at Ikot- Abasi, does not guarantee the people of Akwaibom, 24 hour’s power supply ; even with installed capacity of 191MW, despite been close to gas and there has been no sabotage? Have you ever also wondered why Rivers state that produces about 4 times more power than it needs, built 6 Injection sub-stations, at a cost of N3Billion each, during Amechi’s regime (unprecedented by any state government in Nigeria), yet the power situation in the state is as terrible as in any other part of the country? The list goes on nationwide.

EMS - Problems with our Electrical Power System 5

Electricity Problems


NESI History in brief: DISCO Sales

News reports of 12/12/2016, quoted Senator Eyinnaya Abaribe as saying the succession companies that took over from NEPA & PHCN are performing worst than their predecessors. We shall be discussing why the situation is like this over last 2 years after the takeover of these assets.

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