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Light up Kwara - Providing Electricity for Prosperity



To commercially energize the educational and economic emancipation and growth of Kwara state in particular and Nigeria in general, by providing renewable energy to stimulate entrepreneurial endeavors in education and relevant economic activities of beneficiary communities



Build sustainable partnerships of donors, sponsors, Experts, implementers and resources to help stimulate new and creative Entrepreneurs and business people to disrupt the economic activities of Kwarans (and Nigeria at large) for growth that impart positively on the lives of over 1 million people in 10 years




According to the World Bank, there are about 1.3 billion people without reliable power sources globally, most of them in Africa and Asia. This translates into 600 million people—70 percent of the population of sub-Saharan Africa—without electricity, which is critical in powering water supplies, telecommunication services, and strengthening health care delivery services. Access to power catalyzes economic development in rural areas and creates more jobs and new industries. Children’s interest and performance in school improve. Households have fewer respiratory ailments and accidents. And women feel safer and more mobile, especially at night.


600 million people in sub-Saharan Africa currently lack access to electricity: 70 per cent of the population. Half of all businesses say that the lack of reliable electricity is a major constraint. Power outages cost African countries an estimated 1-2 per cent of their GDP annually.


Access to electricity in Nigeria is still very low at around 45%, (South Africa is 85% and Ghana is 75%) but this access only means wire connection to the houses of ‘consumers’; who most times don’t get power supply. Nigeria currently needs about 20,000 MW but most of the 12,000 MW installed capacity in the country cannot supply steady electricity for 24 hours at even 50% capacity.


Unfortunately, even if this happens, the country does not have the Transmission capacity to constantly transport 6,000MW of electricity without experiencing system collapse. After peaking at 5,350 MW in February, 2016, the country has been struggling between 2,000 and 3,500 MW.


While the federal government is making plans to expand the network and the state governments are catching up their breadth in the midst of unprecedented economic malaise attacking the country, most of the citizens in the rural communities are living their life in abject poverty without electricity.


We all need new ways to get electricity to rural communities in Nigeria and that is how we come in with our unique solutions to electricity supply to these communities, using micro/mini-grid.


The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that to achieve its goal of universal access to electricity, “70% of the rural areas that currently lack access will need to be connected using mini-grid or off-grid solutions.



Community advocacy and focused discussion at Lajolo, Ilorin East LGA, Kwara State


We at LUK-PEP are an NGO into the business of bringing electricity in the islanded or part-grid mode to bring electricity tailor made to suite their unique commercial and educational needs.



Extensive discussions/survey with Residents of Alabe-Oja, Ifelodun LGA, Kwara



We mobilize local and international funds and technical resources to use renewable sources of energy to provide electricity to the un-served areas, especially in Kwara state, Nigeria.


We provide energy as a means to influence the emancipation of villagers, especially the females, from abject property, which will in turn, develop and expand the economic activities in the families and community. We don’t provide energy for energy sake, but as a means of getting:


  1. The community to connect with the global community

  2. Stimulate the take-off of new businesses in the community

  3. Give enough support/complimentary services to existing businesses/trade to bring rapid prosperity to the target community

  4. Provide ennoblement to education services in the community, with special emphases on women and youth education



Bisanti Village, Niger State, site of one of our partners, VGE Projects



We are also very active in providing cost effective Electricity used in Vocational training in the area of:


  • Electronics Appliances Repairs

  • GSM Telephone repairs

  • Programming & Android Applications Development

  • Animation & Multimedia Design/Editing

  • Electronic & Desktop Publishing

  • Website Design





Our names is suggestive of our focus for now; Kwara state is our immediate focus, with the maxim, charity begins at home, we want to do a good job in Kwara as a way to reach out to the larger society called Nigeria.

We are Providing Electricity for Prosperity, a Kwara community at a time.

In Vocation education, our focus is Animation & Multimedia Design/Editing so as to make Kwara the post production hub of Nigeria’s film industry called NOLLYWOOD.




We have a crop of international experts in the area of Power System Engineering, Finance and Development studies, lead by a seasoned Chartered Engineer.


Get in touch with us today and let us link your community up to prosperity.


Engr. Tunde Y. Salihu (SMIEEE)


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